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#10BillionLitres Challenge

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We are happy to announce the winner of the #10BillionLitres Challenge!

We launched the #10Billionlitres Challenge photo contest at the University of North Carolina's Water and Health Conference on October 10, 2016.  Over the following two months, we were struck by the many beautiful and meaningful photos that you shared through the #10Billionlitres Challenge contest on Twitter and Facebook. 
Of the many pictures we received, the Medentech Staff had the tough job of choosing the top 10 pictures.  On January 31, Paul Edmonson, Medentech’s founder announced the grand prize winner.  It is our honor to inform you that PSI Mali won the grand prize of ONE MILLION AQUATABS, for the beautiful photo below. Congratulations PSI Mali!!


Congratulations to PSI Mali for submitting this Grand Prize photo!

In addition to the grand prize, an additional nine photos were chosen as runner ups.  Each organization that submitted one of these photos will receive at least 20 Aqutabs Flo, Medentech’s innovative point of collection water treatment technology.  Check out a sampling of their creativity and great narrative below.












We were truly touched by the outpouring of images of your important work. In particular, we wanted to highlight the contributions of the below organizations and individuals for all their creativity and engagement in this campaign: Association Beninois pour le Marketing Social, Aquatabs Ecuador, HealthKeepers Ghana, Israel Foundation, Kenyu Jemu Kan Project in Mali, WaWash/PROMACO, World Vision Haiti, Safe on Solid Ground, and Augustine Adams.

Thanks to ALL who participated!  Great work!