Food Safety

Social responsibility:

Why we can implement your compliance guidelines.

 Whether discount supermarkets or dairies, our customers’ business partners increasingly expect ethically responsible and environmentally sound conduct – not just from themselves, but also from their suppliers. 

That’s why as part of our value-added process, we’ve developed a compliance management system that ensures that international regulations and national laws are observed.We know that there are more important things in the world than our products and skills. There is more value in helping people live and work well together, in treating animals with respect, and in knowing the effects of our actions on the environment. Anti-Germ is not just an anonymous large company. We have a face, character, and ethical principles. We hold ourselves and our employees to clearly defined compliance guidelines that are not merely theoretical, but provide clear points of reference for our daily entrepreneurial actions. We regularly conduct internal training to raise awareness of our compliance guidelines and their practical application. We pay attention to fairness and responsible business conduct, and we always put safety first – both in protecting people and the environment. 

Together with our customers, we constantly strive to reduce the amount of chemicals used. That’s why we recommend eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible and practical, while also continually working on ecologically beneficial innovations. Through these actions, we help our customers satisfy the requirements of their compliance management system.

If you have questions or would like to report potential compliance violations, please contact our compliance hotline:

Anti-Germ stands for fair business relationships and respectful conduct toward humans and the environment.