What are biocides exactly? Why and what for are they being used? Which particular role does Anti-Germ play? Here is profound information about biocide and about our broad competency in this field. Regarding questions in general, ones concerning the Biocidal Product Regulation, the product approval or questions regarding private label: We are delighted to answer your questions. For more information please check out the section "products" on this website. To ensure that all your questions are answered you are welcome to conact us directly.

A biocidal product is a disinfectant used to disinfect surfaces and machinery for the food processing industry. These products contain for example sodium hypochlorite or peracetic acid as the biocidal active ingredient, There are also human hygiene disinfectants based on alcohols. In the environment of milk production, teat dip disinfectants for stable disinfection are needed.

Disinfectants are required to ensure safe production and processing of food and farm products. Biocidal products prevent the spreading of infection diseases like MRSA, Legionella and flu. Products based on NaDCC disinfect polluted water in the case of emergencies.

The Biocidal Products Regulation handles the harmonized placing of biocidal products on the market in the EU/EFTA states.

To authorize a product in the EU/EFTA with a Union Authorization or a state authorization with a mutual recognition in the others, the active ingredient must be approved for the specific applications.

No problem. Either we include your trade name in the respective Anti-Germ product family or you apply for an authorization under the same Products Regulation for an identical product under your brand name. The marketing of the product on the EU market therefore continues without interruption.

In principle nothing. Our available products are compliant and authorized according to the applicable national and EU laws. They can be sourced and used according to the label instructions and the related technical information.

As a general rule we aim to authorize the available disinfectants of Anti-Germ according to its uses and applications. There are biocidal active ingredients which may be excluded from authorization if they have specific hazardous properties. Subsequently we will launch an innovative new product and authorize as a replacement product.

If such a case occurs the responsible Sales Representative will contact you in time and supports you through the implementation of the replacement product.

  • We have a team of experts with extensive experience in global, EU and national authorization of biocidal products.
  • The active ingredients contained in our disinfectants are exclusively supplied from Art. 95 listed suppliers.
  • Submission strategy for our biocidal product portfolio has been developed and is now fixed.
  • Anti-Germ has sufficient funds to authorize the product portfolio and to continue to offer the disinfectants in the respective markets.
  • We have registered an Iodine based EU Product Family submitted by the respective deadline and representing strategic active ingredients in the respective consortia.
  • We are an active member of the European Biocidal products Forum (CEFIC EBPF) and of the German Association of Hygiene and Surface Protection Industries.

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