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Quality at Anti-Germ:

it’s official

Quality at Anti-Germ – it’s official

Good enough isn’t enough for us. In order to improve the quality of our products, services and processes, we implement continuous improvement processes. Our internal quality management system (QM) was developed as a basis for our ISO 9001 certification. As part of this certification, we test the relevant operating processes of our QM system to create transparency, eliminate potential mistakes and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Sustainable management

In the area of sustainable management we are certified in accordance with ISO 14001. This standard is the basis for the setup, monitoring, and further development of a globally-recognized environmental management system. Our goal is to proactively and systematically integrate environmental issues into company decision-making, so that our responsibility for the future becomes an integral part of Anti-Germ’s mind-set. Of course, when we save valuable resources, we also typically cut costs. That’s why everyone at Anti-Germ stands behind our company’s environmental goals with our heads and our hearts.

Effective occupational safety

By certifying our occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 standard we assure our customers that accidents will have a minimal impact on our reliability. Our focus is on systematic health and safety at the workplace as well as preventive healthcare. From management down to trainees, we’ve internalized preventive measures in occupational and health safety in order to effectively avoid accidents and illness among the people who work for us. 

Innovations come standard

We develop and produce most of our products ourselves. When it comes to quality, sustainability and handling, we are always working to bring useful innovations to the market for you. Development takes place in Germany, France and Ireland in consultation with specialists from various countries and coordinated by a supervisory development centre.  

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice requires establishing, implementing, and maintaining hygiene standards, suitable production facilities, qualified personnel and batch traceability. Our Irish company Medentech is GMP-certified because it manufactures products that are used on humans and animals. Our consultants will gladly advise you on how to permanently secure the degree of quality called for in these areas.

Trainings help ensure superior quality and promote continuous improvement processes.