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Certain areas require various special skills. For example, when new hygiene equipment is developed and installed, when customers or lawmakers expand their requirements or when cleaning parameters are analysed and, if necessary, optimized. That’s why at Anti-Germ, specialists from various countries and departments work together across their respective fields; experienced engineers and specialized application technicians will quickly understand your specific situation and work with you to implement the best possible solution. We can help you prepare profitability analyses, advise you on perfect cleaning processes, have dosing systems customized and installed, and much more. Time and again, our interactions with customers lead to further cutting-edge service ideas and technical innovations.

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  • Our specialists advise you year-round
  • Our order processing takes your timeline and situation into account
  • We can deliver on very short notice
  • Powder and liquid goods come in a variety of container sizes
  • We can help you apply products the first time
  • We can work with you to solve problems such as hygiene issues
  • We train your employees on safety and hygiene issues
  • Constant research keeps us innovative
  • Quality tested brand-name products
  • A complete hygiene programme
  • Special, eco-friendly products
  • Detergents and disinfectants tested by the German Agricultural Society (DLG)
Our practical services reflect Anti-Germ’s extensive industry knowledge.

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