Food Safety

Beverage production:

Everything you need to safely clean and disinfect

Maintaining consistently high-quality beverage production requires careful attention to matters of hygiene. Anti-Germ helps, regional, national, and international companies in the beverage manufacturing industry play it safe. We use detergents, complexing agents, and adjuvants in synergy to optimally clean organic and inorganic compounds.We offer comprehensive cleaning processes for all areas, including challenging production and bottling environments. Our products have been tested on all leading manufacturing and bottling equipment and have been equally successful when used with lesser-known equipment and equipment developed in-house.We can adapt our processes to fit your individual equipment and help you minimize very specific risks. 

Your contact will be happy to present reference projects and suggest how Anti-Germ’s extensive expertise can help you in a face-to-face meeting. 

Modern CIP applications

Ask us about recognized protocols for cleaning and disinfecting for CIP processes. We are also the right partner for analysing and optimising your cleaning equipment. In addition, our experienced engineers can help design new cleaning equipment that you can commission us to install. This saves development time and ensures that you will achieve first-class cleaning results.

Cleaning membrane filtration systems

We are also familiar with all technologies, applications, materials, and achievements in membrane filtration. Our products are gentle and minimize wear, while also cleaning efficiently for profitable production. Ask us about the best cleaning methods for your equipment. We will support you in applying them safely. We are also the right partner for new developments, because we know how quickly advances are made in this area.

Our wide range of products and services:
  • Synthetic and soap-based agents for wet and dry conveyor lubrication.  
  • Processes for CIP applications as well as for open applications (foam applications) 
  • Special products for membrane cleaning that are approved by the major manufacturers
  • Individualized protocols for cleaning bottling equipment, returnable bottles, cans, vats, kegs, containers and cases
  • Automated and semi-automated bottling hygiene protocols for aseptic and optimized conventional bottling 
  • Cleaning of washing equipment
  • Water treatment 
  • Surface cleaning
  • Employee personal hygiene products
  • Training and application support 
For optimal cleaning results, our specialists can advise you in all areas.

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