Food Safety

Cleanliness, disinfection, sterilisation

for dairy operations.

From our very beginnings we have been an important and reliable partner for dairy operations in our home, the Allgäu dairyland. Our French company also provides market-leading expertise in the country known for its variety of cheeses.

Although we now also advise large international companies, many of our business relationships have been in place for years. We are particularly equipped to handle the various demands of dairies, cheese factories, Alpine dairies, as well as of the production of ice cream and long-life milk. Each company, whether small, midsized, or international, relies on being able to minimize bacterial counts in foods. They also need plants, moulds, and equipment to be cleaned so as to ensure safe and efficient production.

How to clean culturing tanks, cheese moulds, and containers? Acid or alkaline cleaning, in one or two phases? Our experienced specialists quickly take stock of the situation in order to find appropriate solutions.  We also offer technical support so that you can more safely control your specific cleaning methods. Our process-specific services can be used, for example, to inspect your cleaning processes on site. This allows us to uncover any hidden potential for improvements. In addition to current and pending legal regulations, we also take into account the guidelines and special features of equipment manufacturers. 

Customised cleaning protocols and services depending on manufacturer and materials 
  • Rapid disinfection of surfaces, tanks, coolers, pipes, machines, and equipment that come into contact with food  
  • Cleaning of pasteurizers, UHT equipment, centrifuges, and evaporators
  • One-phase cleaning of collecting trucks, tanks, pipes, and cheese moulds (synthetic and stainless steel)
  • Cleaning of stainless steel instruments
  • Foam cleaning of heavily soiled floors, tiles, and equipment, both stainless steel and synthetic
  • CIP equipment: cleaning protocols, analysis, and optimisation
  • Cleaning solutions for membrane equipment
Our specialists are happy to provide you with information about our cleaning protocols and services.

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