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ICL sells Anti-Germ to Paragon Partners

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Anti-Germ has a new owner

Anti-Germ looks back on a 75-year history. February 2015 marked the beginning of a new chapter. As part of a management buy-in, the Munich-based holding company Paragon Partners acquired the Anti-Germ group from ICL. The new management will focus even more intensely on two core areas of expertise – agriculture and the food and beverage industry. Paragon Partners supports the targeted growth trajectory including regional expansion. Edin Hadzic, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Paragon Partners: “We are enthusiastic about Anti-Germ’s potential for growth and are ready to make additional capital available should interesting opportunities arise.” The Anti-Germ group was sold by Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL), the leading global manufacturer of specialized mineral-based products. With the sale, ICL intends to strengthen its core operations and drive the development of new technologies and resources forward. With around 400 employees, Anti-Germ and Medentech together generate sales of around 75 million euros.