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Hypred, a world leader in biosecurity solutions and expert in food safety, announces ..

Hypred, a world leader in biosecurity solutions and expert in food safety, announces its collaboration with the company G3 Química, a Brazilian biosecurity player, as well as the construction of its own factory in Brazil which will produce high added-value hygiene and disinfection solutions for the Brazilian market on-site.

Brazil is the 3rd largest biosecurity market in the world after the United States and Europe. The demand for hygiene and disinfection producs there is very high. Already present in Porto Alegre through commercial and distribution activities, Hypred will now have its own production site and storage building, and will therefore be in a better position to meet the needs of its Brazilian clients, particularly in terms of higher end products and meeting higher standards.

The Hypred factory will produce solutions for agriculture - dairy, pig and poultry farming - but also for the food industry. 

Currently under construction in Lajeado, a town located about 100km from Porto Alegre in a fast-growing region at the heart of one of country’s most important agricultural regions, the Hypred factory in Brazil will begin production during the first half of 2018.

This establishment in Brazil, through a collaboration with the company G3 Química, represents an additional step in Hypred’s international development and its expansion into South America.


Over the past four months, Hypred has already integrated the company Antigerm and bought LCB Food Safety, two specialists in biosecurity, in order to create a group with the critical size and ability to establish itself in its markets and assist its clients all over the world.

As part of this partnership, the current managing director of Hypred in Brazil, Marcio Malagrino, will lead all of the two companies’ activities. Joel Borstel, the current owner of G3 Química, will continue to develop and distribute the brand in Brazil.  


Sébastien Bossard, CEO of Hypred, states: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with G3 Química, Joel Borstel and his teams. This coming together allows us to have our own industrial site in this country and therefore to accelerate our development in Brazil. This establishment is the ideal base for gaining market share in a country where players in the agricultural and food sectors are seeking new and more technological biosecurity solutions, resulting in better food safety for consumers.”


About the new group created by Hypred and Antigerm with LCB Food Safety

Created in 1985, Hypred has a strong industrial expertise in the formulation, production and marketing of bio-safety, disinfection and hygiene solutions for food production professionals, as well as disinfection, hygiene and animal feed supplements in agriculture.
Today, Hypred is present in more than 40 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and the United States) and employs more than 400 members of staff. In 2016, Hypred recorded a turnover of more than 100 million euros.

In April 2017, Antigerm joined Hypred. Founded in 1938, Antigerm is a European leader in the supply of bio-safety solutions, particularly in hygiene and disinfection in the food, drink and agricultural markets. Antigerm is also involved in water disinfection with the brands Medentech and Aquatabs. Today, Antigerm is present in 16 countries and has 8 industrial sites in its own right or in partnership (France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, China and Turkey). In 2016, Antigerm recorded a turnover of 80 million euros.

In August 2017, Hypred bought the company LCB Food Safety. Created in 1963, LCB Food Safety is a leader in responsible food safety solutions. The company provides turnkey hygiene solutions at every stage of the food chain using an integrated approach from “farm to fork”. LCB Food Safety employs around 50 members of staff in more than 60 countries through a distribution network and its three subsidiaries. LCB is the world leader in Aerial Surface Disinfection and benefits from its own internal, innovative and unique technology, ultradiffusion®.

The new group formed by Hypred, Antigerm and LCB Food Safety wants to become the leader in biosecurity solutions that enable continuous improvement in food safety, a real societal issue.;;