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Anti-Germ acquires esteer Pharma

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Welcome to Anti-Germ, esteer Pharma!

We look forward to further expanding our company through the acquisition of esteer Pharma. With more than twenty years of experience in hospital hygiene, esteer Pharma is a competent partner in the areas of hygiene and disinfection. Its core areas of expertise include:

  • disinfecting hands and skin,
  • disinfecting medical instruments,
  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment in the medical sector,
  • ultrasound and electrodiagnostic products for professional medical use,
  • as well as various cosmetic products for special use in hospitals, geriatric care, occupational safety and dental medicine.

The acquisition is intended to boost the growth of Anti-Germ subsidiary Medentech. A specialist for drinking water treatment, Medentech already has an innovative product portfolio for hospital hygiene and the acquisition will strengthen its business in this area. See for yourself at: and